Installing an electric fireplace insert in the home is a wise move these days! Fireplaces are essential to homes as it can give warmth to the dwellers. However, some houses’ chimneys don’t work properly due to their old age or because of their low quality structure causing the decrease in the warmth a fireplace provides. An electric fireplace insert can be a great solution to this predicament.

An electric insert serve two main functions. It can make the room more attractive as well as it provides warmth for it. It can be installed most anywhere in the house too. You just plug it into an outlet anywhere you inside the house. Electric inserts nowadays can display more real-looking flames thanks to modern technology. One of the most interesting features of this type of insert is its zero need for venting systems, of course because nothing is burned up but electricity. Electricity, by the way is not a problem too as the electricity consumption of the units is pretty low. As a matter of fact, using an electric fireplace insert will only cost you as low as 7 cents an hour.

What’s even more interesting about fireplace inserts is that they can be used all throughout the year. This is because an electric fireplace-insert’s burning and actual heating features can be toggled on and off separately, which means you can still enjoy the sight and sound of the burning in your room even on the hottest summers. On the other side, some people can’t sleep with lights turned on. In this case, the controllable heater can be turned on while the burning stays off.

Compared to other inserts, the electric insert is a little bit behind in terms of heating capacity. However, an electric fireplace insert can provide enough heat for a relatively large room (about 40 square meters). Electric fireplace inserts have the advantage over others in terms of usage and purchase (in some cases) costs.

The two most common types of electric fireplace insert are the Log Insert and the Full Firebox Insert.


Log inserts cost less than full firebox. It is because log inserts carry out simpler designs; also, their heating capacity is relatively less too. If your room is not so big, and the looks don’t really matter, but you still need a cheap heating insert, the log insert might be the fit electric fireplace insert for you.


Firebox inserts come with elegance; however it costs a lot more than log inserts. A firebox insert unit looks like a miniature fireplace, which contributes to its higher price. It also provides more heat due to the built-in blower that usually comes with it, giving it advantage over the log insert. Its energy consumption is pretty low too. As of now, there are lots of customized full firebox insert units in stores around you. It’s all up to you to decide which of them will serve you best.