Rock carpet epoxy is the clear polymer that is applied as one of a few finishing coats during the application of rock carpet and is the last step in finishing the installation or application of this new 20th century flooring . When the epoxy dries, it provides a number of the desirable features that the design conscious consumer looks for. It hardens to a virtually indestructible hardness. Once it dries, the epoxy provides the floor with its resistance to water and its overall insolubility. The end result is a %100 waterproof floor.

Rock carpet’s epoxy polymer finish also provides protection against the harmful UV rays from the sun. If you have outdoor flooring, this feature is key. Other flooring types fade in the sun, which is obviously is not desirable. The epoxy basically acts as a shield from the sun. This greatly increases the life of the look of your floor. The UV rays that damage other outdoor products simply bounce right off and do not penetrate this state of the art product. Wood requires repetitive staining and or replacement due to sun exposure, termites, and exposure to the elements.

In addition, once the epoxy dries, it is scratch and dent resistant. This makes rock carpet perfect for garages, workshops, and virtually anywhere scratches and dents occur. The epoxy is very hard and gets additional support from its dense base that is composed of rocks, stones, sand and other designer materials of your choice. In addition, dried epoxy pulls dirt, debris, and moisture away from its surface and traps them in its porous surface. When this all new flooring type is applied along with durable epoxy polymers, the results are a beautiful long lasting waterproof shine that prevents dents, scratches, and stains. Rock carpet is definitely a consumer’s best buy. It’s also known as “stone flooring”, “pebble rock flooring”, “little rock carpet”, and “quarry carpet”.