Having bought your very own house either as a married couple or still single is probably the most overwhelming yet thrilling decision that is worthy of a celebration. This kind of achievement offers a deep sense of permanence in one’s life. Therefore, in conjunction with the rest of the aspects that are included to purchasing a house is the subject of deciding upon the perfect interior design that coincides with the kind of lifestyle you’re in.

When it comes to repairs, reconstructions or upgrading, the kitchen is one area of the house that significantly requires the most consideration. Most, if not all, sees it as the central part of one’s home because this is basically where family members get together, share meals, have quality family time and just simply reconnect with each other at the beginning and the end of each day.

For those reasons, it is only fair to provide one’s home with a comfortable, magnificent-looking and fully functional kitchen while still not going overboard with your budget. Therefore, with regards to what kind of materials to be used for your kitchen countertops, the options for application should be done cautiously.

Tiles, concrete and woodblock are just some of the materials for you to choose from. Nevertheless, the ones with significant popularity and are still the top choice for most home owners are granite and marble. Yet, one should be well-informed of the various pros and cons that are always part of a certain material and marble and granite are not excluded from that. Everything depends on the person’s idea of what one’s kitchen countertop should look and feel.

There are a lot of natural stone experts that are in favour of using granite as the ideal stone surface for a kitchen countertop design instead of marble. A great number of these highly experienced and seasoned interior designers settle to a conclusion that marble is more appropriate to be used for general flooring, bathroom fixtures and framings for fireplaces because of such qualities of being heat and fire resistant.

Oftentimes, most people tend to use marble as the main material for the interior design of their houses including kitchen countertops because of its availability and affordability. But despite these qualities, it must also be known that marble is not scratch-resistant and can stain easily. For these reasons, marble is not effectively the material of choice when it comes to using it for kitchen countertops.

On the contrary, granite is highly preferred as the most effective natural stone material for kitchen countertops. This particular stone surface has been frequently used as well as highly promoted by both kitchen design experts and architects. This is because of its quality as being durable and its capability of being more resilient to the requirements and challenges involved in food preparation. It doesn’t have to be highly maintained and can be cleaned and disinfected easily because of its permeable surface.