The kitchen floor is still one of most utilized areas of any home. This is where homeowners choose to store their food, dining utensils, kitchen gadgets and the like. Some may even choose to entertain guests in the kitchen. With the variety of uses, your kitchen flooring must be both durable yet must be visually impressive. Here are a few kitchen flooring options you can choose from to fit your needs and preferences.

Stone and tile kitchen flooring options

Both stone and tile are ideal materials to consider if heavy traffic is expected. Stone is a great material to use if you intend to create a natural look in your home. It is a great way to create consistency and continuity if you use it on other areas within and outside the home. Some of the heavy favorites include sandstone, limestone and slate. Left untreated, some types of stones can develop unique tones and textures. As the rough feel of the stone may not always be a crowd favorite, porcelain tile is a better alternative. This is especially true for those who are looking for a more uniform and sleek finish.

Use porcelain tiles to recreate the look of stone for less. Compared to stone, porcelain tiles are smoother and can create a more uniform finish to your kitchen flooring. You can find porcelain tiles in a variety of designs, colors and patterns. Some of the more recent trends in porcelain tiles involve a metallic finish.

Concrete flooring options

Concrete floors are commonly found in newer homes. They are hard-wearing and can hold heat well. There are many ways to change the look of your concrete floors. Concrete can be polished, honed, stained with acid or colored with a powdered hardener to produce different shades of grays, whites, greens, reds and even yellows. The same material can also be used on countertops to match the look of your floors.

Wood kitchen flooring options

Use wood to create a warmer feel to any home. There are many types of woods to choose from to fit varying preferences in color, texture and feel. Hardwoods, such as oak, are strong and durable but expensive. A cheaper alternative is bamboo, which looks great if combined with other soft shades and hues. For homeowners who want the look of wood in their home but at a fraction of the cost of real hardwoods, plastic laminates are another alternative to consider.

Modern kitchen flooring options

For more modern kitchens, homeowners can try using resins and glass. Resins are great for spaces with irregular shapes and sizes. The material comes in liquid form and is poured onto the base, creating a single continuous piece of flooring. You can choose to add glass beads as insets to create a shiny, textured finish.

If you are looking for more daring kitchen flooring options, why not try a glass floor? Toughened glass is used to create a sleek look. The glass can be acid polished or sandblasted underneath to create a unique look without making people slip or fall while walking over the flooring.