Consider the safety requirements when deciding if you want to own a fireplace. You want to be able to enjoy your fire and chill out in front of the warm blaze, but you won’t be able to if you’re constantly worried about fire risks to people or furniture close to the fire. Investing in a screen for your fireplace is now an absolute necessity no matter what design of fire you have. Not only will this take care of any risks from sparks and relieve you of worry, a screen comes in all sorts of designs and will increase the overall atmosphere in the room and the overall impact of your fireplace.

Think About the Purpose

Be clear first of all on what the main function of your fireplace will be before you commit to purchasing a specific screen. Are you wanting to bask in the heat the fire gives out, or is it more about staring into the mesmerizing flames? This will affect which screen will be the better choice for your circumstances. If you want to go for atmosphere and getting lost in watching the fire, a glass screen that closes off the fire is a great idea for safety reasons. But if you really need a strong source of heat for the colder season, a mesh screen will be better suited to this need. They are specifically designed to block sparks from spreading, yet don’t dampen the heat being given off.

Requirements for Safety

Obviously, safety functions are the chief concern when deciding which screen you need, but there are other factors that are equally important. You’ll need a screen that’s immovable for young children or pets in the home, so the fire’s completely enclosed and not easily accessed by them, especially the more inquisitive ones. The screens that shut off the entire fireplace are a good protection against injuries or accidents on the stones or tiles, which could result in cuts and bruises. This kind of screen is also a great option for protecting small children from the flames.

Your Home’s Décor

Your personal preferences in design are going to be important too when choosing the screen for your fireplace. It’s a simple way to change the entire look and atmosphere your fire creates by simply changing the kind of screen you use. You don’t need to feel rushed in your choice as there’s such a range of screens you can choose from to enhance the overall interior design of your home.

So make sure you decide on all three of these points before committing to a certain design: safety needs of your household, the functionality of the screen, and the overall décor of the fireplace as a whole. Then you can rest easy that the fireplace will serve you a long time and be a great match for what you need and also desire with your home’s décor.