Definitely, limestone flooring is indeed a better option for a home and the reason is clear. Natural limestone has a lot of advantages in terms of textures and color. This feature gives a wide range of options to the homeowners to choose. Owing to a large range of applications, limestone is often preferred over sandstone or granite. The material is used to build stair blocks, slabs, pavers, sills, lintels and quoins. It can therefore be regarded as a quality architectural stone for home use.

The tiles made of this stone are available of different types including Coral, Bianca, etc. All these varieties are appreciated because of their natural beauty. Most households prefer to use this stone in residential flooring. However, there are certain disadvantages of using this stone. The stone is quite heavy, but at the same time, it is absorbent as well as soft. This is why it is very susceptible to breaks and cracks. Wear and scratch damage are also possible with this rock. Since it is absorbent, therefore it promptly absorbs stains. For this reason, it needs to be sealed periodically to keep soil and dirt at bay. In areas where there is a lot of traffic, there limestone flooring is not resorted. Moreover, ample care needs to be taken to prevent fragile objects on the stone, as the objects can get broken.

It is not unknown that real limestone tiles need care and sustenance. However, in this regard it is important to mention that there is yet another type of the stone tile possesses all the required benefits without any drawbacks. The premium tile is available in the desired formats and gives durability, comfort and beauty to the floors. In addition, the floors made of these stone variants are easy to maintain. The premium tiles are available in a wide range of colors in the market. In these tiles, there seem to be no pattern repeats and helps look the floor more natural. It is easy to take care of the floors made of such materials. Regular sweeping or mopping helps the floor clean and tidy. To augment the durability of the tile, aluminum oxide coating is used as it provides protection from scratch, wear and stain. Accidents or drops do not at all affect good limestone flooring. Such floors also have the capability of keeping the room warm and cozy.

Liquid limestone, on the other hand is an advanced option for paving solutions. It is a cool, natural, elegant alternative to brick, concrete and stone paving. Historically, the natural cream limestone has been the most popular. You can use both materials to fully achieve the potential of having a great looking home.